We are a manufacturer of high-quality portable asphalt melters. Since 1996, we have been designing and manufacturing equipment for road construction and maintenance. From 2008, we have had success with our 10-Gallon Push Melter (PM10) and 30-Gallon Melter (PM30). We sell direct to consumer, online-retailers, and through showrooms across the world. Your end customers will be sold on our quality and performance, you will like the price.

Grow with us! Our sales office is in Arcadia, CA. Our factory is located 2 hours South of Beijing. We started as a company with only one person making mechanical tools two decades ago. Now our factory has over 100 happy employees, including mechanical engineers, electrical engineers, and skilled mechanics specialized in lathing, welding, milling, etc. Although we've grown in size, we still hold our founding values of honest prices and top-notch quality, one full year of warranty on ALL replaceable parts shows our confidence! Our melters way outlast the other guys'. Here, we treat you not just as a client, but as a friend. Regardless of how big or small the order, we will never nickel and dime you. Long term brand impact is what we are after.

Why buy from us

No middle men, you get out-of-factory price. It is the same as buying from any supplier in the U.S., drop-ship or wholesale with any amount. For drop-ship, We ship out from the Long Beach, CA port to your customers with various trucking carriers, takes usually 3-10 days. In addition there is special pricing if you buy container level quantity.

How about quality

Making products with care is our thing. Think these melters are nothing of high-tech? That's not the case with Pavemade! We machine weld 90% of our pieces with robot arms. If you compare our melters with other brands, you will always pleasantly find how much smoother our welding traces are. A better looking product gets you more customers! In addition, we hire only the best trained and highly professional workers to handle the work required to be done by hand. You will appreciate a job well-done when you see it.

New product design

We also provide design service to help you create your customized mechanical and/or electrical product. Our engineers have realized dozens of product ideas of our clients over the years, some just an idea from the customer, some at final stage of development. Wherever you are with your idea, we can help make it market ready. Check out our SERVICES section to learn more.

Meet the owners

Shell Zhang
"Leading the innovation in portable melters."
Eduardo Sciammarella
"Partnerships and everything else."
“I have been doing business with them for many years. They are honest folks with good ethics. The fact that they are a manufacturer and they do free design on new products is a huge plus. I trust Shell to get me the best price for anything I sell.”
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