HOTBOX 10 + 6x Nuvo Elite Crack Sealant

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Quick Overview

    + Professional grade rubberized crack filler
    Repairs 1000 - 1500 linear ft of crack.
    + Most popular Crack Filling Machine
    + Ultra Fast heat-up time (~20 min)
    + Double wall, air jacketed
    + Main Torch included (500,000 BTU )
    + Front torch: highly recommended for crack sealant bonding to crack (Dual Torch model)
    + Residential OK. 2-5 days Free Shipping in Contiguous U.S
    + Lifetime Warranty on melter body

    Product Details

    Get our best selling 10 gallon mobile push behind crack filler machine. It is perfect for single operator jobs, such as long driveways, parking lot repair, hot mop pan installation. Ideal for diy home owners, contractors, property managers, school districts, cities, townships and other municipality. This combo comes with 6 premium crack filler blocks so you can get the job done right away!

      + All Steel construction, 14 gauge double walled air jacketed insulation.
      + Evenly guided heat distribution makes HOTBOX 10 the fastest melter applicator on the market.Cuts heat-up time up to 50%.
      + 10 US GAL capacity for hot rubberized crack filler
      + Thick agitation bar, never twists or bends during agitation. Agitation handle easily accessible, agitate as you go.
      + Steel wheels do not pick up material and do not leave a marks.
      Ball bearings in front and back wheels. Smooth rolling with less force required, reducing operator fatigue even on inclines.
      + Space smart with folding handles. Takes up less space on a truck or trailer.
      Lifetime warranty on main melter body. One year warranty on parts. Free technical support.


        Maxwell Novo Elite Crack Filler

        + Premium rubberized hot crack fill for direct fire melters.
        + Fast melting, stronger bonding, and supreme stretchability once applied.
        + Permanently flexibly seal cracks instead of using temporary rigid epoxy-based fills.
        + Performs well in a wide temperature range.
        + Recommended for HOTBOX asphalt crack melter applicator machines.

        Hotbox 10

        • Capacity: 10 US GAL LQD.
        • Recommended Sealant: Hot rubberized crack Filler
        • Weight (crated): 160 lbs.
        • Weight: 120 lbs.
        • Dimensions (crated): 34’’L X 28’’W X 36’’H
        • Dimensions (handles folded down): 32’’L X 26’’W X 35’’H
        • Dimensions (handles up): 45''L X 26''W X 36''H
        • Construction: Steel construction CNC welding
        • Steel Gauge: 14
        • Support structure: Double-wall, air jacketed. Hinged lid.
        • Surface Finish: Electro-static high-temperature black glossy powder coat
        • Burner: Optimized heat guide, with down to 20 minutes heat-up time.
        • Handles: Foldable push handles with hand level and squeegee controls
        • Wheels: 2 X 1/4’’ steel back w/ball bearing, 1 X 1/4’’ steel front swivel w/ball bearing
        • Best Asphalt Crack Filling Equipment at best price! 10 gallon push behind asphalt melter applicator is a must have in crack filling equipment when using hot pour rubberized crack filler.

        + High quality temperature gauge
        + 500,000 High BTU torch with needle valve
        + 8 FT high pressure flexible hose
        + LP gas regulator and propane tank hook-up
        + Spark striker
        + Included bonus: Leak Guard catch drips at the end of a run.
        + Does not include standard 20 LB propane tank


        Sealcoating contractors

        HOTBOX 10 and crack filler combo is a popular choice for crack repairs for entrepreneur who starts up a sealcoating and crack filling business. Half a pallet of rubberized crack filler is a good amount to get started with. In general the crack filler covers about 7-10 linear feet per pound of crack filler. Half a pallet can fill cracks in a medium sized parking lot or a dozen of average sized residential driveways.

        Asphalt Crack Repair DIY

        If you own or manage a large property with an asphalt parking lot or driveway, you can do your own pavement crack repairs. Applying rubberized crack filler is the most cost effective way to create a professional and long lasting repair for your asphalt cracks and pavement. The HOTBOX 10 crack fill machine is easy to use and requires minimal maintain. After each run you don't need to clean or drain the unused crack filler. The Hotbox 10 crack machine will simply reheat the crack filler during next usage. We have seen homeowners pitch in to purchase and share a crack filling machine and a pallet of crack fillers.