Pavement Equipment Cleaner

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Pavemade Pavement Equipment Cleaner is a professional de-greaser that will cut through asphalt, sealcoat, and crack filler. Cleans and prevents asphalt build-up on tools and equipment, and is a safe, effective substitute for diesel fuel.  Pavemade Pavement Equipment Cleaner starts to work immediately and is non-toxic, non-hazardous, non-flammable, and non-ozone-depleting. 

In addition, Pavemade Pavement Equipment Cleaner is non-reactive. Use to keep equipment in top operational use or to clean up tools and areas at the job site. A non-toxic cleaner that is safe and extremely effective for daily die cleaning or periodic equipment cleaning. Dissolves alkyd and hydrocarbon thermoplastic, bituminous adhesive, crack fillers, asphalt, and sealer with no scraping or heating required; just a simple cold soak! Resists saturation and evaporation, resulting in multiple reuses.

Pavemade Pavement Equipment Cleaner is a ready to use product that can also
be used to coat tools and equipment prior to use to keep them free of build-up. Pavemade Pavement Equipment Cleaner is a heavy duty cleaner that can be used on a variety of asphalt related equipment to include: Truck Beds, Racks & Shovels, Paving Machines, Rollers & Spreader Bars, Wheelbarrows, and much more.


  • Safe and very effective cleaner for daily die cleaning or periodic equipment cleaning
  • Removes alkyd and hydrocarbon thermoplastic, bituminous adhesive, crack fillers and asphalt
  • Resists saturation and evaporation resulting in multiple reuse
  • Generally no scraping or heating required, just a simple cold soak
  • Safer than diesel fuel
  • More effective than citrus based products
  • Non Toxic
  • Non Flammable
  • Non ozone depleting


  • More economical than citrus based products
  • Fast Acting
  • Prevents asphalt build-up on: Rakes, Shovels, Wheel barrows, Pavers, truck beds
  • Ready to Use

Directions for Use

Spray, wipe, or brush the object to be cleaned with Pavemade Pavement Equipment Cleaner. Small objects may also be immersed, if desired. Allow cleaner to remain on surface until the asphalt is loosened.

Technical Specifications

Appearance Clear Liquid
Odor Slight odor
pH N/D
Foaming None
Flash Point  159.8F
Rinsability Complete
Stability/Storage 2 Years
Emulsification Complete
Solubility 100%
Phosphate Content None