Asphalt Emulsion Sealer & Filler

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Our Pavemade Asphalt Resurfacing Sealer and Filler is an easy stir asphalt emulsion sealer. This is a professional duty sealer with high solid contents that are designed for the sealing and resurfacing of asphalt driveways, cart paths, bike paths, and parking lots of all sizes. The heavy duty sealer is able to fill very thin hairline cracks as well. Designed for federal specification RP355e. It is absorbed by the asphalt pavement and helps the pavement stay pliable, and fills small cracks and voids in the pavement surface adding extra protection from salts and moisture.

Our Pavemade Asphalt Resurfacing Sealer and Filler is formulated using the most advanced polymer technology and fine anti-skid iron slag aggregate (30/60 sieve size comparable to sand) to provide improved curing characteristics, durability, adhesion, and color retention - produces a jet black texture finish - greatly extending the life of the pavement by completely sealing the surface of the asphalt to prevent damage from weather and oils. This Asphalt Emulsion Sealer and Filler is a professional contractor grade heavy duty sealcoating with high solid content, it is perfect for driveway, parking lot and all blacktop pavements. 

Basic Uses: Pavemade Asphalt Resurfacing Sealer and Filler is used as a protective coating on asphalt pavement surfaces from petroleum remnants, weather, and traffic wear.

Storage and Limitations: Do not allow Pavemade Asphalt Resurfacing Sealer and Filler to freeze. Do not use Pavemade Asphalt Resurfacing Sealer and Filler on concrete. Do not use on bituminous surfaces less than four months old.

Application: Pavemade Asphalt Resurfacing Sealer and Filler must be applied to a surface this is free from all foreign matter and debris. The material shall remain dry until it is fully cured. The material can be applied by brush, squeegee, or spray equipment.

Coverage: 60-80 Square Feet per Gallon.

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