Asphalt Sealer (Fast Dry)

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Shipping Note: As of June 2020, we are no longer allowed to ship this product to the states of California, New Jersey and New York on account of their coal tar ban laws.

Product Description: Pavemade Fast Dry Asphalt Resurfacing Sealer formulated from a base coal tar emulsion designed for federal specification RP355e. This material is a coal tar emulsion with polymer. Coal tar emulsion latex fortified for use as a protective coating for bituminous pavement including parking lots, homes and airfields.

Basic Uses: Pavemade Fast Dry Asphalt Resurfacing Sealer is rubberized and is used as a protective coating on asphalt pavement surfaces from petroleum remnants, weather, and traffic wear.

Storage and Limitations: Do not allow Fast Dry Asphalt Resurfacing Sealer to freeze. Do not use Fast Dry Asphalt Resurfacing Sealer on concrete. Do not use on bituminous surfaces less than four months old.

Application: Fast Dry Asphalt Resurfacing Sealer must be applied to a surface this is free from all foreign matter and debris. The material shall remain dry until it is fully cured. The material can be applied by brush, squeegee, or spray equipment. The application surface should be slightly damn for best results.

Coverage: 80 Square Feet per Gallon.

Composition and Safety: For complete safety information please review the Safety Data Sheet for this product.