CrackGun Crack Sealing Kit

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CrackGun Crack Sealing Kit

CrackGun lets you permanently fix your driveway cracks!

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  • Permanently fix your driveway cracks
  • Highway grade rubberized crack sealant roll
  • Optimal heating with 3D printed Al-alloy nozzle
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Product Details:

  • Great for DIY projects, driveway repair, utility cuts and touch up jobs.
  • Liquifies crackfiller under continuous application.
  • Aluminum-alloy heating nozzle guarantees optimal temperature
  • Easy to use and will permanently fix cracks to stop them creating more damage to asphalt and concrete surfaces.
  • It is safe and simple enough to be operated by almost anybody!


  • CrackGun smart applicator, with 120 V power chord.
  • 30 FT professional hot rubberized crack filler.


CrackGun's core technology is its patented aluminum silica alloy heating nozzle. The heating element is 3D laser printed and keeps material flowing at the optimal temperature. The smart nozzle becomes electrically insulating above the desired temperature. Crack filler material stays at its most active bonding state without being oxidized from overheating.