Halite Ice & Snow Melt

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PAVEMADE HALITE ICE AND SNOW MELT is a high quality, pre-blended combination of ingredients to create a potent blend of ice melt. This product actively attacks ice and snow to 290 F. This product is fast acting and has higher capacity to melt more ice and snow. This product will penetrate through layers of ice or snow and help free pavement from a frozen surface.

APPLICATION: PAVEMADE HALITE ICE AND SNOW MELT should be applied when the precipitation begins because this product will help to prevent the ice and snow from bonding to the pavement, driveways, steps and walkway surfaces. For best results, periodically remove loose ice, snow and slush and reapply ice and snow melt.

COVERAGE: PAVEMADE HALITE ICE AND SNOW MELT is applied liberally at a rate of 8 oz or 1 cup evenly per square yard. The amount will vary depending on conditions and depth of ice and snow. The more ice and snow the more ice and snow melt required.

STORAGE: PAVEMADE HALITE ICE AND SNOW MELT should be stored in a dry area. The bag should be tightly sealed after each use and the bag should be properly disposed.

CLEANUP AND PRECAUTIONS: PAVEMADE HALITE ICE AND SNOW MELT should not be directly applied on vegetation and grassy areas and after contact you should thoroughly wash your hands. Some precautions include to avoid contact with eyes and skin and do not take internally. This product is for the intended use of ice and snow melt only. KEEP OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN PRODUCT

CONTENTS: May contain some or all of these products: Sodium Chloride-CAS 007647-14-5.

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