HOTWHEELS + 6x Squeegee Pad

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HOTWHEELS + 6x Squeegee Pad

Get our best selling push bender crack filling machine (aka pour pot on wheels) for both cold pour crack filler and rubberized hot tar crack filler. Hotwheels is perfect for single operator jobs, such as long driveways, parking lot repair. Ideal for driveway repair DIYers, contractors, property managers, school districts, cities, townships and other municipality. This combo comes with six squeegee pad replacements.

Repair asphalt cracks. Fill, seal, and squeegee in one go.

  • No-leak precision spout
  • Wheels for easier operation
  • Use with hot or cold crack Filler sealant
  • 6x replacement squeegee pads
  • One Year Warranty 
  • 2-4 day Free Shipping in Contiguous U.S.

Product Details:

  • Heavy duty 100% steel construction
  • 2.5-gallon capacity
  • Pour pot on wheels, with push handle and easy spout
  • 6 replacement squeegee pads. It is recommended to have replacement pads handy in case your HOTWHEELS Silicone Squeegee Pad gets damaged or wears out.
  • Compatible with Rubberized hot pour crack filler and cold pour crack filler
  • For hot crack filling use with our HOTBOX 30 asphalt melter. For cold crack filling pour directly from a standard 5 gallon bucket.
  • Push and seal with valve-control on push handle. Single operator use lets you fill, seal and squeegee in one go.
  • Stop pouring five gallon buckets directly on your pavement.
  • Stop filling cracks on your knees.
  • More versatile and better price performance than a traditional banding machine.
  • Perfect for sports surfaces. Fill and seal cracks on tennis courts, basketball courts, etc.)