Premium Black Aggregate

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Have you ever put down a fresh coat of sealcoat, only to slip and slide all over the next time it rains? That's when you need to put aggregates in your sealcoat to create an anti-slip abrasive and give you maximum traction.

Most professional sealcoaters and a lot of the sealcoat manufacturers will simply use sand as the aggregate of choice because it's super cheap to get ahold of and frankly, works good enough for most sealcoat jobs. The problem with sand though is two-fold. First, sand pebbles are usually round instead of jagged. A round surface doesn't provide as good of traction as a jagged surface. Second, sand pebbles are all sorts of colors ranging from white to a dark brown. When the top layer of sealcoat wears down to expose the sand, you end up with a speckled asphalt surface that usually ends up looking dark gray instead of flat black.

Our Premium Black Aggregate is a solid black aggregate that you can mix with sealcoat sealer and a fantastic alternative to sand so you don't end up with a speckled mess of a parking lot or driveway after six months. In addition, Premium Black Aggregate is a jagged material that juts up and out of the sealer, giving you fantastic adhesion when your asphalt surface is wet and it's the only aggregate we offer in our coal tar products

This sealcoat aggregate isn't just for coal tar sealers though. You can easily add it to other sealers that don't already come with aggregate such as asphalt emulsion sealers or acrylic sealers that don't already come with an aggregate.Our coal tar sealer doesn't have aggregate so this product would be a good fit.

The main group of folks who should be interested in our Premium Black Aggregate are folks who have tried sealcoat sealers with sand and haven't been impressed. We're confident you'll like this product.