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How To Complete Asphalt Repair in Cold Weather

Posted by Randiriel Blairre on

Although repairs can be unpredictable, completing a risk assessment of the area during warmer months can help you take preventative measures well in advance, avoiding the need for a full-scale repair during the winter.  Despite efforts to get uber-organized, we understand things don’t always go to plan. We’ve constructed this comprehensive guide to applying various asphalt solutions in cold weather, highlighting a few risks and sharing some preventative measures to ease your concerns. Can you Patch Asphalt in Cold Weather? You can perform asphalt repairs throughout cold weather spells. Use a suitable asphalt solution compatible with cold weather, such as...

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Do-it-Yourself Driveway Repairs: Is It Worth It?

Posted by Shell Zhang on

If you’re hoping to keep the surface of your driveway smooth and sleek for years to come, it’s very much possible to do so with a DIY approach to sealing asphalt. Don’t worry if you're not quite convinced, though, because there are several other benefits that are sure to sway you...

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A DIY Guide to Patching Concrete Driveway

Posted by Eduardo Sciammarella on

A DIY Guide to Patching Concrete Driveway Concrete is one of the best materials you can use for your driveway, given that it is both very strong and extremely durable. Still, your concrete surface will require regular maintenance if you want it to last a long time.  Unfortunately, though, potholes are pretty much inevitable no matter how well you maintain your concrete driveway, caused as they are by natural weather conditions and the weight of heavy vehicles. These pesky holes are cause for concern, as they have the potential to cause damage to your car’s wheels and even to the...

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