Crack Filling Equipment

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Asphalt crack repair is done with crack filler equipment found in this collection. We carry asphalt crack filling and crack sealing equipment for driveway repair, commercial parking lot repair, etc. Many of our crack filler machines work with both cold and hot crack filler, making them a first choice in asphalt crack filling and sealing.

If you are looking for crack filling material instead, we sell that too! You can find them here under "Asphalt Crack Fillers"

Asphalt crack repair should be done prior to asphalt sealcoating and any other pavement repair work. Sealing cracks in asphalt will prevent water damage to the asphalt foundation and causing potholes, alligator cracks and depressions. Most contractors use hot pour rubberized crack filler and a push behind crack filling machine to seal asphalt cracks. We offer a popular hot crack filler combo that includes both the crack sealer and the crack filler machine and for larger jobs, we have a popular deal that includes a free crack repair machine with a pallet of hot rubber crack filler here.



What is an Asphalt Melter?

Asphalt Melters are designed to heat up and melt the hot rubberized crack filler, and keep it liquified in the melter equipment for repairing cracks. The melted hot pour crack sealer will require an asphalt applicator to lay down to seal cracks. Agitation during hot crack sealer heating is important so a good melter will have a full sweeping agitation bar built-in. Both our 2-in-1 asphalt melter and applicator and our 30 gallon stationary melter have heavy duty full sweeping agitations built-in. 


What is an Asphalt Applicator?

Applicators are used to apply the melted hot rubber crack filler. The simplest form can be an asphalt pour pot or simple a used water kettle. If you have a large amount of cracks then using a pour pot could be cumbersome and the melted rubberized crack filler can cool down and solidify. So a popular choice is a 2-in-1 melter and applicator, sometimes it is also called an asphalt crack fill machine. This crack filler melter and applicator acts as both an asphalt melter and an applicator to lay down the melted crack sealer while keeping the remaining rubber asphalt hot. Usually the melter applicator can seal cracks at normal walking speed. And for that reason it is a very popular choice. If you are looking for the 2-in-1 asphalt melter applicator we have our best seller under the Hotbox 10 Asphalt Crack Filler MachineIf your project is to repair parking lots, or doing multiple driveways a melter applicator will save you a lot of time.


How to repair driveway cracks with a Crack Filler Machine?

Crack filling equipment ranges from cold crack filler and a squeegee for the DIY driveway repair to a 100+ gallon asphalt melter for a large asphalt business. Below is an overview of how to repair asphalt cracks with our best selling hot crack filler and crack filler machines.

 1. Crack Cleaner Clean And Prep – You should thoroughly clean the cracks, removing all loose debris and weeds. A screwdriver will suit a single driveway, but contractors or property managers with a large parking lot prefers a heat lance or a grazor which will save some time. We do not recommend pressure wash the cracks as moisture easily traps in the cracks. However if you decided to pressure wash the cracks make sure the area is completely dry before doing putting in crack filler.
 2. Asphalt Melter and hot pour rubberized crack filler – this is a popular choice for larger cracks (1/2 inch width and bigger). Cold pour crack filler will work for cracks less than 1/4" and for hairline cracks. However in general cracks sealed with hot rubberized crack filler holders for much longer than those sealed with cold pour driveway crack fillers.


What Is The Best Way To Repair Asphalt Cracks?

You should use a push melter to fill asphalt cracks with rubberized asphalt crack filler. As the HOTBOX 10 crack fill machine is able to heat up rubber almost twice as quickly as other models on the market, it is the most time-efficient and professional way of repairing cracks in asphalt and pavements.

How Long Does It Take For Hot Asphalt Crack Filler To Heat Up?

Asphalt crack filler takes as little as 20-30 minutes to heat up with the HOTBOX 10. Its evenly guided heat distribution makes it the fastest melter applicator on the market, cutting heat-up time by almost 50%!

How Long Does It Take For Hot Asphalt Crack Filler To Dry?

Asphalt crack filler applied by a HOTBOX 10 can take as little as 30 minutes to dry in cooler temperatures. In hotter climates, it may take 45 minutes or longer, but will rarely take more than an hour.