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Whether you're sealing or filling cracks, a sealcoating business or budding asphalt expert, Pavemade have what you need when it comes to asphalt and sealcoating equipment.

Asphalt equipment

At Pavemade we provide innovative and quality pavement repair solutions and any repair equipment you need, we've got it. Most of our crack sealing equipment works with both hot pour and cold crack filler, ensuring versatility for all kinds of projects.

Remember, crack repairs ought to be carried out before any asphalt sealer or other asphalt pavement repair work - this is to prevent foundation damage and ensure longer term protection from potholes and alligator cracks.

We have top-quality, professional grade equipment for projects of any size - from our industry-leading HOTBOX 10E to self-sealing asphalt tape. With free shipping to the Contiguous U.S. on most of our equipment, you'll be completing top-quality repairs in no time.

Asphalt crack filling equipment

Asphalt equipment can be separated into two categories: asphalt melters and asphalt applicators. Melters are designed to heat up and melt hot rubberized crack filler and keep it in liquid form in order to repair cracks.

The melted asphalt sealant then requires an asphalt applicator to seal cracks. The simplest version of an applicator would be our HOTWHEELS pour pot, though if you have a large amount of cracks then using one could be time-consuming and not provide the best results.

For a higher quality level of asphalt sealcoating, you may want to consider the kind of machinery a professional sealcoating company might use.


The newest version of our best-selling 2-in-1 asphalt machine is the industry leader HOTBOX 10E Crack Filler Machine. Built by experts with construction industry professionals in mind and made with the highest quality materials, it is designed to withstand even the toughest days on site. From large driveways to parking lots, the HOTBOX 10E has you covered.

With the fastest heat-up time for any melter applicator and most accurate way to fill cracks for any project, this 10 gallon push-behind asphalt crack filling machine is affordable, reliable and a sound investment - especially if you're a contractor, with its lifetime warranty on the melter body.

Offering push button start for safer application and designed to stay at optimal temperature, the 10E gives power packed performance.


  • All-steel construction and 14 gauge, double-walled air jacketed insulation
  • 10 gallon capacity for hot rubberized crack filler or bituminous marker adhesive
  • Thicker agitation bar - never twists or bends during agitation
  • Easy to handle
  • Steel wheels do not pick up material or leave marks while you work
  • Can melt down rubberized crack sealant in 15 minutes

You'll have your asphalt surface slick and perfected in no time with this top of the range sealing machine - which comes with free shipping from us here at Pavemade.

Asphalt sealcoat contractors

The HOTBOX 10E and filler combo is an excellent choice for crack repairs for the aspiring start-up sealcoat contractor. The crack sealant covers approximately 7-10 linear feet per pound of filler. 

Half a pallet could fill cracks in a medium sized parking lot or a dozen average-sized residential driveways.

DIY Crack repair

Pavemade have you covered, whatever your DIY equipment needs.

HOTWHEELS + Squeegee Pad

If you're operating on a lesser budget and have some DIY repairs to undertake in your driveway or property parking lot, a good option could be the HOTWHEELS + 6x squeegee Pad offer. Your asphalt job might take a little longer to apply than if using a sprayed application process, but offers significantly deeper coverage and protection than a spray sealer.

The hot pot comes with no leak precision spout and can be used with hot or cold filler sealant - and of course with free shipping in Contiguous U.S.

Other equipment

There are other options available for the sealcoating construction industry beyond the melting and applicator systems. For some smaller jobs, spray systems and asphalt tape can provide excellent results.

Spray asphalt sealers

Using spray asphalt sealer equipment is a viable option for your sealcoating business or DIY repair needs, and is a quicker option for some property owners wanting to apply sealer quickly and efficiently. Using a spray wand can offer speedy coverage but may not penetrate your asphalt as deeply as other methods.

Our sealcoat tar sealer can be applied with an asphalt squeegee or sealcoat spray system. While spray systems can be quicker, the squeegee method could save money on equipment costs and offer a more robust sealer level.

Always remember to clean the surface (for example with a pressure washer) before you begin spraying or applying sealcoat. Crack cleaning and removal of debris from the area before beginning repair work will prevent any future re-cracking and ensure the best quality repairs.

CrackGun Crack Sealing Machine

Another alternative offering is our best-selling CrackGun Crack sealing kit. This easy-to-use piece of equipment is a favorite for DIY projects and an excellent tool for property owners and professionals alike.

The CrackGun is easy and safe to use for almost anybody with its 3D printed AI-alloy nozzle, so the gun tip continuously liquifies crack filler during application. The smart nozzle maintains the optimum temperature for the crack sealant to stay at its most active bonding state without oxidation from overheating.

For a professional repair at an affordable price (plus our standard free shipping) you can't do much better than the CrackGun, whether it’s a driveway fix or touch up job.


Pro Propane Torch Burner

An excellent tool that can be utilized in many ways is the Pro Propane Torch Burner. Fully assembled and ready to use, this torch burner is the ultimate equipment for all heavy-duty jobs.

At 500,000 BTU and compatible with standard liquid propane cylinders from 5 lbs up to 100 lbs and including a 10ft hose at 350 PSI, there's no job too big for our torch burner.

Not only useful for those frozen pipes in winter months, our Pro Propane Torch Burner is the perfect tool to combine with Burn on Asphalt Tape - an extremely quick and simple remedy to repairing asphalt and concrete cracks.

Asphalt Tapes

Asphalt tape offers a professional result for providing permanent fixes to cracks for your driveway, parking lot or even roof. If you're looking for industry leading, simple and easy, look no further.

With burn on tape and self-sealing tape options, you find both hot and cold rubbarized asphalt repair solutions for any and every crack. TARR tape offers an instant, traffic-ready solution no matter your need.

With self-sealing tape you simply apply the tape to the area you wish to fill and apply pressure to the tape to increase adhesion. With burn on tape, it is exactly as it says - apply to the area and torch it!

Incredibly simple and incredibly effective - you can't go wrong.

Pros & Cons of Different Sealcoating Materials

Pavemade Coal Tar Sealer

Our very own Coal Tar Sealer is a professional grade, heavy-duty tar sealcoat designed for use on airport runways, highways and asphalt surface driveways. Coal tar sealer is the first choice asphalt sealer as it's the most durable and provides maximum protection. If a surface is not sealed, it will be prone to oil and gasoline stains.

Because coal tar is not petroleum based, it offers durability and resistance to pollutants, water and UV rays from the sun - and can last up to five years.

The cons of coal tar sealer are environmental and health-related. If applying the coal tar yourself, it is important to be aware that contact with skin can cause irritation and some respiratory problems may arise due to inhalation.

It's imperative to use correct equipment and consider asphalt sealcoating professionals who will use operation approved sealers for your specific needs.


Asphalt Emulsion

Pavemade Asphalt Emulsion Sealer is professional duty sealer designed for the sealing and resurfacing of driveways, pathways and parking lots of any size. It is water resistant but unlike coal tar sealer is not UV resistant - this type of sealcoating material may only last a single season, but has the added benefit of filling in small cracks and voids to add extra protection.

Another advantage, while not as protective as coal tar sealers, is the jet black texture finish which adds a great deal of curb appeal to your property. Depending on the size of your repair needs and purpose, asphalt emulsion is an excellent crack sealing option.

Gator Patch & Trowel Crack Sealer

Our easy-to-use alligator patch is an economical asphalt sealcoating solution to heavily cracked driveway or parking lot. Made from a blend of asphalt emulsion, mineral fillers, organic fibers, ground rubber and plasticizer. This asbestos free sealant is ready to use straight from the container and an excellent filler for heavy duty repairs and filling cracks larger than 1/2" wide.

A thicker consistency mix sealer than other asphalt sealcoating, gator patch requires a trowel or squeegee for use.

Driveway Gilsonite Sealer

Pavemade Equinox Asphalt Gilsonite Sealer is a solvent-based asphalt oil sealer blended with bitumen, Gilsonite and Mineral Spirits. This unique formula gives a higher penetration to the top layers of asphalt for maximum bonding. This offers a tougher, more durable product and has proven to be one of the best asphalt sealing modifiers for the price.

While Gilstonite is a unique product created for specific projects, please remember due to respective state laws it is not available in all States.

Premium Black Aggregate

Our Premium Black Aggregate is the perfect remedy for your driveway when you're applying a fresh sealant to the surface. Aggregates can be mixed with your sealcoat and offers excellent adhesion when the sealcoating process has been finished.

While a lot of contractors will use sand as an aggregate, our aggregate offers a jet black finish and the rounded pebbles of sand don't offer a grip as strong as premium black aggregate.

Fast Dry Sealer Additive

If you want to speed up your drying process by 50% or more, make use of our special fast dry sealer additive. The latex additives added to your sealant forces it to dry quicker whilst improving the quality of the sealcoat.

While it does not thicken sealcoat, Fast Dry Sealer Additive improves suspension and increases sealer adhesion, offering you the best possible finish for your project.

Equipment Cleaner

Pavemade Equipment Cleaner is a non-toxic, premium-grade degreaser that will cut through asphalt, sealcoat and crack filler. Your crack filling equipment will be kept in top operational condition with this easy-to-use, non-flammable product.

Can be used on all asphalt sealcoating equipment from paving machines to truck beds and other storage containers - wherever your asphalt gets, our equipment cleaner can clean it.

Also possible to use prior to equipment use to keep your sealer spray system or wheelbarrows free from build-up, our safe-to-use cleaner is safer than diesel fuel and more effective than citrus-based products.

How much is a crack filling machine?

Dependent on the type of crack repair needed, machines can range from as little as $49 to $1000s. For example, using Asphalt tape for a small crack is at the lower end of the scale, whereas the HOTBOX 10E is top-of-the-range for asphalt equipment.

Is it worth it to seal a driveway?

Absolutely - sealing a driveway will reduce the amount of repairs you'll need to carry out longer-term, as well as increasing the curb appeal of your house. Financially and aesthetically, it simply makes sense.

What is asphalt binder?

Asphalt binder is residual product from the distillation of crude oil in petroleum refining - also known as 'bitumen,' it is a hydrocarbon product produced by removing the lighter fractions from crude oil.

Is spray on asphalt sealer any good?

Using a sealcoating spray system works better on flat, smooth surfaces. For uneven surfaces, a spray system might be better replaced with a squeegee to provide better sealer coverage.