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Asphalt and Coal Tar Remover

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PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: Asphalt & Coal Tar Remover is a water soluble cleaner that effectively dissolves tar and asphalt products.

BASIC USES: Asphalt & Coal Tar Remover can be used on most washable surfaces including concrete, masonry, wood, metal, glass, ceramic, and fabric. This cleaner is excellent for cleaning tools, equipment, vehicles, splatters, and overspray.

LIMITATIONS: DO NOT heat or expose to open flame.

APPLICATION: Asphalt & Coal Tar Remover is to be used full strength. Be sure the surface to cleaned is dry. On hard surfaces allow the cleaner to remain on the surface until spot or stain appears loosened then rinse with water to remove residue. On fabric wet the spot and rub cleaner, then wash article in washing machine.