Hot Rubberized Crack Sealer (Full Pallet+)

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Hot Asphalt Crack Filler Sealer (1,800 lbs)

FREE HOTBOX 10 asphalt machine! Limited While supplies last! Perfect for contractors, cities, townships, schools, airports and other municipality.

Use our crack fill calculator to calculate how many LBS of crack fill you need.

  • Repairs 12,000+ LFT of asphalt cracks or concrete joints.
  • Formulated for extreme weathers.
  • Airport grade rubberised crack sealant.
  • Fast melting, stronger bonding, and supreme stretchability.
  • None clogging patented polyskin packaging.
  • Recommended for HOTBOX melters.
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Hot Asphalt Crack Filler:

  • Contractor Grade
  • Direct Fire Melter Kettles compatible
  • 60 blocks @ 30LBS each: 1800 LBS total (ships two blocks per box)
  • Repairs 12,000+ LFT of asphalt cracks or concrete joints.
  • Premium rubberized hot crack fill for direct fire melters.
  • Fast melting, stronger bonding, and supreme stretchability once applied.
  • Permanently flexibly seal cracks instead of using temporary rigid epoxy-based fills.
  • Performs well in extreme temperature ranges.
  • Recommended for HOTBOX melters.
  • High performance and highly effective preventative maintenance treatment.
  • Prolongs the pavement service life.
  • Fills and Seals cracks and joints from water penetration.
  • Excellent bonding characteristics Weather resistant Passes multiple freeze and thaw cycles
  • Perfect for sealing of joints and cracks in concrete and asphaltic pavements and parking lots.
  • It is designed for use in sealing expansion and contraction joints as well as random cracks in Parking Lots, Plaza Decks and Driveways
  • Construction grade joint and crack sealing compound for concrete and asphalt pavements.
  • This construction grade material is a hot applied, one part sealer that provides excellent results under wide ranging weather conditions.
  • Direct Fire Parking Lot Sealant is perfect for use in applications that are susceptible to tracking and picking up, such as pedestrian foot traffic and vehicle power steering.
  • Get a FREE asphalt crack filling machine! Fill driveway cracks and parking lot cracks with this professional grade high performance crack filler and sealer. Airport and highway grade crack filler and sealer gives you professional results. Use our crack fill calculator to see how much crack fillers you need.