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Asphalt Softener and Rejuvenator

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Quick Overview

Our Asphalt Softener and Rejuvenator is an environmentally friendly asphalt emulsion based sealer. This is a professional duty sealer with high solid contents that are designed for the sealing and resurfacing of asphalt driveways, cart paths, bike paths, and parking lots of all sizes. It is absorbed by the asphalt pavement and helps the pavement stay pliable, and fills small cracks and voids in the pavement surface adding extra protection from salts and moisture.


Our Asphalt Softener and Rejuvenator is formulated using the most advanced polymer technology to provide improved curing characteristics, durability, adhesion, and color retention - greatly extending the life of the pavement by completely sealing the surface of the asphalt to prevent damage from weather and oils.

This sealer is applied using a brush or squeegee and pavement needs to be repaired and clean before application.