Asphalt Tape - Burn On

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Quick Overview

+ Asphalt Tape made with Rubberized Asphalt Crack Filler
+ Simple to apply, burn on with a propane torch burner
+ Melts into cracks and joints
+ Professional results
+ Traffic ready in 5 minutes
+ Can apply sealcoat over
+ Applications: driveway crack repair, utility cut sealing, small pothole patching, concrete joint sealing, leaky roof patching
+ Waterproofing and Watertight
+ 2 in x 50 ft each roll
+ Free 2-4 day Expedited Shipping 

Product Details

If you want to repair asphalt and concrete cracks the modern way, this Asphalt Tape is the product for you. Designed to provide permanent fixes to cracks in roads, driveways, and even roofs, Tar Tape is astoundingly simple to use. Just apply it on top of the pavement crack you want to fix, torch it, and you’re done! The result is a repaired crack that is no longer at risk of causing damage to your asphalt driveway and concrete surfaces. And you can be assured that the repair will be high quality, because our Tar Tape is made of the same hot melt rubberized crack fill that is used on airport runways and highways.

Tar Tape makes it easy to permanently repair or join asphalt, concrete, roofs, and sports surfaces. Tar Tape is an innovative torch-on rubberized asphalt crack repair tape. The crack filler tape melts into the asphalt or concrete driveway cracks and creates a permanent bond, and waterproofs and preserves the pavement surface. The crack fill is the same hot melt rubberized crack filler used on roads, highways, and airports

+50 ft long x 2 in wide rubberized crack sealant
+Elastic fiber reinforcement layer
+Waterproofs and prevents future damage

If you are looking for the best asphalt crack filler you can buy look no further. Tar Tape will quickly and permanently repair asphalt and concrete cracks alike and prevent them from causing damage to your driveway, pavement, parking lot, tennis court, or roof. It works better and is easier to use than the Pli-Stix crack filler: you don't have to cut the crack filler rope into smaller pieces in order to fit in the cracks. It is perfect for driveway and parking lot crack repair applications prior to sealcoating. Give it a try and we guarantee you will love it!


Peel - torch - seal.

Peel off protective backing. Lay the sticky side down over the crack/joint.

Once all the crack filler is in place light the propane torch to melt the hot tar so it flows inside the crack or joint and forms a permanent bond. Voila - you are done! 

Now the crack is successfully sealed. It is traffic ready almost instantly. Just wait a moment till the melted black top tar is cool to touch. Now you can enjoy a job well done on a repaired driveway, parking lot, or roof.

Prep tips: Sweep off loose leaves and dirt prior to laying down the tape. Make sure surface is dry. For best result, torch over the cracks prior to laying down tape.


Color: Black

Length: 50 feet

Width: 2 inches

Weight: 5-6lb per roll

Quantity: Available in a single pack, double pack, four pack, and eight pack. The four pack comes with a free torch!



What is an Asphalt Tape?

Asphalt tapes are made of asphalt (or bitumen) with some type of flexible materials such as SBS rubber or Ground Tire rubber and a small amount of adhesives additives. Asphalt tapes are mostly used in waterproofing applications, such as roofing or driveway crack repairs. Pavemade’s innovative Tar Tape Asphalt Tape is designed to be compatible with common pavement surfaces, including asphalt driveways, concrete driveways, asphalt parking lot, concrete parking lot, etc. By applying the Tar Tape with a regular propane torch, it is able to permanently waterproof the damaged cracking area and to prevent further damage in hard-wearing surfaces. Tar Tape is a popular product on the market for sealing and bonding troublesome cracks in asphalt, concrete, and roofs.


Since it gets the job done easily and professionally, this asphalt tape product is a common choice for contractors looking to minimize their workload while maximizing quality. However, the simplicity of the application makes it similarly popular with home improvement DIY fans.

Tar Tape is easy to apply to get professional results, and you can be sure that the driveway or parking lot crack repairs you complete with Tar Tape will last for years to come.


How Reliable is Tar Tape?

Our Tar Tape never fails. It is made with the highest quality rubberized crack filler, and it has an elastic fiber reinforcement layer, too. So you can feel confident in the knowledge that your repair will hold far into the future. In fact, with the reinforcement our asphalt tape provides, your repair won’t just be papering over the cracks, but actively preventing further damage to surfaces.

Combining speed and ease with exceptional quality, Tar Tape works better and is more easily applied than Pli-Stix and other leading asphalt crack fillers.

For a repair that holds without issue, helps to avoid future damage, and stays waterproof, you can’t get any better than Pavemade Tar Tape.


How Do You Seal Cracks in Asphalt?

It’s really easy to seal cracks in asphalt and concrete using Tar Tape, which is made of heavy duty rubberized crack filler. Simply peel the protective backing off your Tar Tape, lay it along the length of a crack, and torch it so that it melts into the crack. This will create a watertight, permanent seal.

How Long Does it Take for Asphalt Tape to Dry?

Asphalt tapes including Tar Tape should take no longer than five minutes to dry. However, it will harden and dry far quicker in cold temperatures.

Spring or autumn is the best time to perform crack sealing jobs, because this is when asphalt and concrete surfaces such as pavements will be midway between their hottest and coldest temperatures.

How Long Does Crack Seal Last?

Tar Tape provides permanent repairs to cracks in asphalt and concrete surfaces. The seal created by the burnt-on rubberized crack filler stops water getting in, which can cause cracking and fretting. Eventually, these issues can lead to the breakdown of your surfaces.

How Much Does Crack Filling Cost?

With Pavemade products, crack filling is cost-effective. You can repair 50 feet worth of cracks in pavements and other such surface for the price of just one roll of Tar Tape. All you need is a heat source to apply it, which you will get for free when you purchase four packs of Pavemade Tar Tape.


Benefits of Using Tar Tape

There are so many benefits of using Tar Tape! But, chief among them is the fact that it helps to create watertight, long-lasting seals in cracked asphalt and concrete surfaces, and in just moments. You also don’t need more than one person to apply it, or any additional materials. In fact, the only other equipment you’ll require is a torch or other heat source, so it really is the most cost- and time-effective way of repairing small cracks.

And it’s not just quick in terms of the time it takes for a user to apply it, because Tar Tape also gets your surfaces ready for action in hardly any time at all. Once applied, your surfaces will be ready to use again almost instantly. Just wait until the melted black top tar is cool to the touch, and you can enjoy a job well done on your repaired asphalt or concrete surface.

The end results are clean and professional, as well as durable, waterproof, and, most importantly, permanent. You won’t have to worry about maintaining the crack as the years go by either, because once you’ve applied the rubberized filler to the crack and bonded it using your torch, it is guaranteed to hold.

How to Use the Tar Tape?

It really is easy to repair cracks using Pavemade Tar Tape. All you have to do is peel, torch, and seal!

  1. Start by cutting down the Tar Tape to the size that you require and then peel off the protective backing.

  2. Apply the tape to the crack or joint you need to repair, sticky side down. Once it is in place, light your propane torch or other heat source to melt the tape. The hot tar will flow inside the crack and form a permanent bond that prevents the ingress of water and other further damage.

  3. And you’re done! Now, your crack is permanently bonded with a watertight seal.

Just ensure that you prep the surface correctly before you get started, by making sure it is dry and sweeping away any dirt or loose leaves before you apply the tape. For best results, you can also torch over the cracks prior to laying down the tape.