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Cutback Tack Coat

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Product Description: Pavemade Cutback Tack Coat is an asphalt cutback formulated to be a premium coating for penetration, priming, and binding bituminous surfaces. It is manufactured in accordance with ASTM D2028. Cutback tack is asphalt mixed with solvent. 

Basic Uses: Cutback Tack Coat is designed for use as a treatment to a bituminous surface before resurfacing.

Storage and Limitations: Do not heat container. Avoid weathering of the container.

Application: Pavemade Tack Coat should be applied to a surface free of all foreign matter. This material can be applied by brush, squeegee, or spray equipment.

Coverage: 150 Square Feet per Gallon.

Composition and Safety: For complete safety information please review the Safety Data Sheet for this product.

Solids: 50%

Maximum Storage Temperature: 180°F

Recommended Application Temperature: 125 - 180°F