GoldStar Premium Cold Pour Crack Filler 5 LQD GAL

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GoldStar #315 crack filler reduces the appearances of cracks in your asphalt surface further beautifying and protecting your asphalt pavement.

Use our crackfill calculator to calculate how many GALs of crack fill you need. 5 LQD GAL of crack fill is 42 LBS of crack fill.

 Easy and safe to install. Perfect for owners looking to reduce their asphalt maintenance budget Performs well in all climates. Engineered to withstand pavement expansion and contraction. Used by contractors, public agencies, property managers and schools. Used on parking lots, airports, streets. Ready-to-Use from the 5-gal bucket. Compatible with Pavemade DropPot, Pourpot and HotWheels. - Eligible for FREE SHIPPING