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Heated Crack Sealing Hose (Cimeline, Crafco)

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Quick Overview
  • Fits all Cimline Melters 
  • Fits all Crafco Melters
  • Better performance at Half cost.
  • Lightweight
  • Highly Flexible
  • Cool to touch
  • Superior safety
  • Minimizes clogs 
  • Able of higher flow rate than Cimline and Crafco Hoses
Product Details

Electrically heated Hot Crack Sealing Hose.

Compatible with Cimline and Crafco crack sealer machines.

Larger Crack sealing equipment require a hose to transfer and apply hot tar crack filler from the kettle to the pavement. Pavemade 20' electrically heated hose is ideal for gravity feed applications where you need to transfer crack fill to hard to reach or underground locations. Pavemade 20’ tar hose will attach to your existing crack kettle. Our hoses for hot rubber applicators are the best in the industry and will fit both crafco mastic melters and cimeline melters.

Pavemade 20’ Hot Tar Hose Heated and made for hot material transfer. Note hose does not come with electrical control box. Perfect accessory hose and length for Hot Rubber Applicators. Connectors are 3/4'' Female JIS & JIC variants. Compatible with Cimline and Crafco machines.

  • Electrically Heated Material Hose
  • Hose Weight:  23 Lbs
  • Insulated
  • Braided Hose Core
  • Flexible 8" Bend Radius Empty
  • Flexible 12" Bend Radius With Material Inside
  • Lightweight, 15 Lbs Lighter Than Crafco Hose
  • Uses 6 Independent Heating Elements
  • Heating Elements Each Independently Wired. If A Heating Element Breaks The Remaining Elements Will Continue To Function, Keeping You Operational
  • Safety Shroud With Crimped Ends  Removable Hose Shroud With Quick Connect Pin
  • Continuous Service Temperature At 455 F (233c)
  • Intermittent Temperature To 505 F (263c)
  • Working Pressure 1050 Psi
  • Test Pressure 1525 Psi
  • Burst Pressure 4100 Psi
  • Minimum Bend Radius 5.5 Inches (14cm)
  • Integrated Male Swivels On Each End