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TARR TAPE Instant (2" x 40')

TARR TAPE is an innovative cold applied rubberized asphalt crack repair tape. No torch heating required. The 2 inch crack filler tape instantly seals the asphalt or concrete driveway cracks and creates a permanent bond, waterproofs and preserves the pavement surface. Fine sand aggregates on top layer increase track.

Tarr Tape makes it easy to permanently repair or join asphalt, concrete, roofs, and sports surfaces.

  • Permanent repair for asphalt cracks, small potholes, cement joints, leaky roofs, waterproofing, etc.
  • Press-on with hand, drive over, or pound with mallet
  • Trafic ready instantly
  • 40' long 2" wide airport grade rubberized crack sealant
  • Water proofs and prevents future damage
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If you are looking for the best asphalt crack filler you can look no further. Tarr Tape will quickly and permanently repair asphalt and concrete cracks a-like and prevent them from causing damage to your driveway, pavement, parking lot, tennis court or roof. It works better and is easier to use than the pli stix crack filler. You don't have to cut the crack filler rope into the smaller pieces in order to fit in the cracks. And the self sealing formula is so stretchable and bonds strong with the cracks for decades to come. It is perfect for driveway and parking lot crack sealing applications prior to sealcoating. Give it a try and we guarantee you will love it! 

Product Details:

This package includes:

  • 40 LFT of rubberized asphalt Tarr Tape. 2 INCH width.

The crack fill is the same rubberized crack filler used on roads, highways and airports.

Tarr Tape will quickly and permanently repair cracks preventing them from causing damage to your driveway, pavement, parking lot, tennis court or roof.

Peel and seal. Here's how:

Peel off protective backing. Lay Tarr Tape down over the crack/joint.

Once all the crack filler is in place apply pressure to increase adhesion. Use your hand, pound with mallet, or drive over with tire.

Now the crack is successfully sealed. It is traffic ready instantly.

Prep tips: Broom off loose leaves and dirt prior to laying down the tape. Make sure surface is dry. For best result, apply pressure to improve adhesion