Placeholder Heavy Duty Aluminum Butyl Waterproofing Tape –

Heavy Duty Aluminum Butyl Tape (Excellent for leak repair)

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Twerk Tape - Waterproofing Tape, Aluminum Butyl Tape, Permanent leak repair All Weather Patch, UV Resistant VOC-Free for Pipe, RV Awning, Sail, Roof Patching, Window Sealing

2 Inch X 16.5 Feet X 1.5mm thick

Twerk Tape is the ultimate work tape for all types of applications. The secret to its adhesive power is that it's pressure activated. So press hard to make it stick! Twerk Tape is WATERPROOF, UV-PROOF, and SOUND PROOF. It also sticks to any surface so it can be used on WOOD, GLASS, METAL, PLASTIC, and CERAMIC. Ideal uses include repair for ROOF, RV, CAR and BOAT. Twerk Tape is a more powerful and versatile replacement for duct tape. Upgrade your tape with Twerk Tape today. Buy one get one free!

  • Professional grade waterproofing butyl solves all your leaking problems instantly
  • Perfect for RV, Roof, Concrete Walls Floors, PVC and Metal Pipes, etc.
  • Heavy Duty UV Proofing aluminum foil backing
  • Easy to install. Peel and Stick to any clean surface. Push down and the sealant will activate upon pressure