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How Much Does Asphalt Maintenance Cost?

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How Much Does Asphalt Crack Filling Cost?

Asphalt crack filling costs $100 to $300 per 100 linear feet to cover typical cracks. Keep in mind that quarter-inch to half-inch shallow cracks are easily repairable. Large cracks can be a sign of bigger problems. If you have a minimum of 900 linear feet of cracks it is more cost effective to get your own crack repair machine from Pavemade. Our basic HOTBOX 10 will run you less than $1,400.

Wide or connected cracks, aka “alligator cracks” can mean sub-base damage. When this is the case, you might need reconstruction or replacement. These are more extensive procedures. In this case you want to use an alligator patch that provides a mix of asphalt and filler to give your pavement the reinforcement it needs. Pavemade sells a 5 GAL container of gator patch for $159.

How Much Does Pothole Repair Cost?

Pothole repair runs $100 to $300, assuming a four-inch depth and around 25 to 80 square feet. Small contracting companies with less overhead are more inclined to tackle jobs like this. Bigger companies usually work on jobs totaling $1,000 or more with more square feet. The best DIY option is to use Bond X GREEN HP POTHOLE PATCH from Pavemade. You can get a 60 LB bag for $139 including shipping and repair more than one pothole.

The price to fix potholes depends on how many there are, asphalt market price, and fuel needed to haul it. Double check prices in your area before making the decision to repair.

How Much Does Infrared Repair Cost?

Infrared repair can be up to 50 percent less per square FT than traditional methods. It recycles the original pavement and requires less manpower. The process heats existing asphalt to about 325 degrees F, making it workable to easily fix holes and smooth the surface finish.

Infrared repairs can take as little as 4 minutes per square FT. This is a tempting fix. But, it has limits and specific applications. Get a pro on-site to evaluate and find out if it works for your project.

How Much Does Hot-Mix Repair Cost?

Hot-mix repair is costs between $100 to $500. It means excavating damaged areas, compacting or adding base rock and filling the hole with hot-mix asphalt. The project total will depend on the size of the hole. If it’s something very small, very minor, then you could use cold mix on it, but if you’re getting into anything that would take over a couple hundred pounds of asphalt, then I would definitely switch to hot mix.

How Much Does Cold Pour Repair Cost?

Some people prefer to fix issues themselves. For instance, cracks less than a quarter-inch wide or potholes two square feet or smaller. A good solution is to use cold pour or cold patch found on our online store. Pavemade’s cold pour crack fill comes in a 5 GAL container for $180Small potholes are candidates for DIY filling.