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How Much Does Asphalt Parking Lot Repair Cost?

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Fixing potholes with a contractor costs $2 to $2.50 per square FT for repairs up to two inches thick. Pros estimate crack filling repairs using linear feet at an average of $1 to $3 per FT. Prices usually include labor. The cost varies based on size, labor and patching method. Ask your pro to detail the costs in their quote. Compare your quotes to our best-selling offer a Pallet of crack filler with a FREE HOTBOX 10 for only $2,989.

A contractor might suggest resurfacing a larger area if there's too much damage. This is typically $2 to $2.50 per square FT for a two-inch layer. Get a few quotes to find the best price.

Hire a smaller company for jobs with a few cracks or potholes. Bigger businesses might require a minimum of a few tons to accept a job. Ask contractors up front if they require minimum purchases. Another option is to use Bond X GREEN HP POTHOLE PATCH from Pavemade. You can get a 60 LB bag for $139 including shipping and repair more than one sinkhole.

Asphalt parking lots expand in heat and contract in cold weather. This and heavy traffic cause damage. Parking lots can last about 20 years. Parking lots might need repairs as early as 10 years. Look for cracks or depressions to save on major fixes.

What Are Asphalt Repair Cost Factors?

How will the fix be made? What’s the scope of your project? Also consider:

  • Accessibility: If the location is difficult for trucks to reach. This can increase labor rates.
  • Size: Most repairs are charged by linear or square FT. The price per unit should drop as area increases. Parking lots are typically priced less per square FT than small driveways.
  • Condition: Dirt and growth will take time and labor to clean and prepare.
  • Slope: Sloped surfaces run an extra $1 per square foot or more than flat areas.
  • Required permits: County and city governments have permit requirements. Most minor repairs don't need them. But, larger jobs can spend hundreds on permits.
  • Extras: Adding drains and grates adds to labor.