Crack Filling Equipment

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How to repair asphalt cracks with a Crack Filling Machine?

Crack filling equipment ranges from cold crack filler and a squeegee for the DIY driveway repair to a 100+ gallon asphalt melter for a large asphalt business. Below is an overview of how to repair asphalt cracks with the common crack fillers and machines.

 1. Crack Cleaner Clean And Prep – You should thoroughly clean the cracks, removing all loose debris and weeds. A screwdriver will suit a single driveway, but contractors or property managers with a large parking lot prefers a heat lance or a grazor which will save some time. We do not recommend pressure wash the cracks as moisture easily traps in the cracks. However if you decided to pressure wash the cracks make sure the area is completely dry before doing putting in crack filler.
 2. Asphalt Melter and hot pour rubberized crack filler – this is a popular choice for larger cracks (1/2 inch width and bigger). Cold pour crack filler will work for cracks less than 1/4" and for hairline cracks. However in general cracks sealed with hot rubberized crack filler holders for much longer than those sealed with cold pour driveway crack fillers.