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We have a wide range of sealcoating, crack filling, pothole patching, asphalt repair and resurfacing supplies for any occasion, as well as equipment and tools for asphalt maintenance. This page is our best sellers collection.

We offer free shipping to Contiguous U.S. on all of our products.

Pavement Maintenance & Preservation

Asphalt and concrete structures often break down and crack due to weather damage and consistent use - the force applied through the use of vehicles and even footfall over long periods of time slowly break down the surface.

There are a number of preventative measures that can be taken but these, too, must be repeated and maintained in order to sustain a solid surface. Sealcoating should be done every few years and when required, crack repairs are important to undertake when cracks and potholes appear.

Our supplies on offer cover all these surface maintenance needs - from crack fillers to emulsion sealants, here at Pavemade we've got everything for your driveway and pavement preservation needs.


We cater to contractors of all levels with our varying offers on hot and cold pour crack filling supplies. With industry-leading products in terms of hot rubbarized crack filler and varying order sizes, find sealcoating supplies for your company today.

With free shipping (and even free equipment in our full pallet promotional deal) in some of our bundles, you'll find many benefits for you and your workers in our collection. Make every job your best one with our top of the range resources.

If you're looking to bulk-buy hot crack filler for those large projects or seeking the best in the business for equipment cleaner, we have all your trade needs covered.

DIY Customers

Whatever the size of your project, Pavemade have a number of options in store for your DIY asphalt repair. From our self-seal asphalt repair tape to our cold pour crack filler, our supplies and equipment provide safety and simplicity for that vital pavement or driveway repair.

Whether you're a property manager or a homeowner looking to complete your own repairs, and no matter your budget, you're certain to find your crack filling repair needs met by us.

Best Asphalt Sealers for Sale

Our entire range of asphalt sealers and crack fillers are made with the professional in mind, guaranteeing an expert finish on all surfaces. While not an absolute necessity, it is highly recommended to protect your pavement or driveway with a layer of sealcoat.

Our Asphalt Emulsion Sealer is anti-skid and offers a jet-black finish, restoring color to your blacktop surfaces while also providing an expertly-engineered sealcoat in line with the Environmental Protection Agency's most up-to-date regulations.

Be assured that your surfaces will be protected for years to come with our more environmentally conscious, hardwearing emulsion sealer. Long-lasting, affordable, and easy to use for both professionals and DIY fans, order your sealer today for results that last.

Crack Filling Supplies

We have a range of hot and cold pour filler for all your asphalt repair needs. Both types of filler are top quality products made with professionals in mind, so whether you're a DIY repair fan or contractor then you can be assured of the highest grade repairs.

Crack filler is available as cold pour filler - which can be poured direct from the container - and hot rubbarized crack filler, which requires an asphalt melter and applicator (or one of our industry-leading 2-in-1 machines) to melt the filler prior to applying it to the cracks that need repairing.

Cold Crack Filler

Cold pour sealant works best for cracks less than 1/4" and for hairline cracks. Our emulsion-based cold pour sealant can be poured straight from the container into the asphalt that needs filling and can be applied to bituminous and concrete surfaces.

A more affordable option than hot rubbarized crack filler and useful for smaller cracks, our cold pour filler is available in 1 and 5 gallon containers. Fortified with latex and fillers, this product offers higher quality crack sealing than most big-box hardware stores. Thoroughly mix before use and ensure your surface area is cleaned before applying.

  • Pour straight from container into cracked surface
  • Coverage: 200 linear feet per gallon for cracks 1/2" wide and 1/2" deep
  • Keep water, oil and weeds from getting into cracks
  • Designed for higher resistance to re-cracking and longer lasting

Complete your work correctly with equipment such as a squeegee, spray system, or applicator.

Find our professional-grade cold pour sealant with free shipping in contiguous U.S. and have your project completed in no time.

Hot Crack Filler

Hot pour crack sealant is the go-to product for asphalt repair contractors as it offers a higher standard of protection from the elements and dries as a spongy, elasticated solid that can contract and expand depending on the weather - offering better long-term protection for your driveway or pavement.

Hot rubbarized crack fillers begin as solids that are melted down into a liquid state and applied to the damaged area while hot. Our crack filler is faster melting, stronger bonding, and is formulated to withstand extreme hot and cold weather.

  • Perfect for cities, schools, airports, and more
  • Permanently and flexibly fills cracks
  • Fills and seals cracks and joints from water penetration
  • Traffic ready in 10-30 minutes
  • High adhesives, long lasting formulation
  • Excellent bonding characteristics

While the process for hot sealant takes longer, melting times for our equipment such as the HOTBOX 10 melter and applicator can be as little as 15 minutes! You can be assured of the best treatment for your asphalt.

Asphalt Tape

Another option for the budget repair is the use of Asphalt tape - whether you opt for self-sealing tape or burn-on asphalt tape, you are guaranteed professional-grade repairs for smaller pavement or parking lot surfaces.

While burn-on tape will require equipment such as our Pro Propane Torch Burner to melt the tape into place, self-sealing tape simply needs placing on the area and applying pressure, creating that all important repair in a matter of minutes.

Our patent-pending formula self-sealing tape bonds to cracks firmly in a matter of minutes and is compatible with both asphalt and concrete surfaces. Ideal for small driveway and pavement cracks, small potholes, and offering water resistance for years, our asphalt tape has earned its best seller rating.

  • 2 in x 40ft roll
  • Permanently repair cracks and joints
  • Same rubberized crack filler used on roads, highways, and airports
  • Easy application and long-lasting results
  • Stretchable and strong bonding


Oil Spot Primer

Oil Spot Primer aids the sealant process between cleaning your driveway and applying your chosen sealant. It is an acrylic bonder that seals over stubborn, hard to clean oil spots to prevent them bleeding through freshly resurfaced driveways and parking lots.

Simply stir this product thoroughly before use and apply with a roller, brush, or spray and away you go. Allow the primer to dry completely before beginning the sealant process.

Cleaning Up

Working with a variety of products that include additives, emulsion, tar and rubber, it's important to clean up properly. Equipment, surfaces and tools all need the right cleaning treatment to ensure longevity of use and optimum performance.

Our Asphalt & Coal Tar Remover is a water soluble cleaner that effectively dissolves tar and other asphalt products. Usable on most washable surfaces such as concrete, wood, metal, glass and fabric, get rid of all your splatters and clean your equipment with ease.

Also check out our Pavement Equipment Cleaner, a ready-to-use professional grade degreaser that cuts through asphalt, sealcoat, and crack filler. Perfect for cleaning up after your repair job is completed, this product can also be used before you begin your project to prevent build-up and is excellent to use on a daily basis.

More economical and safer than diesel fuel, our equipment cleaner is non-toxic and non-flammable, ideal for all your asphalt cleaning needs.

Crack Filling Equipment and Sealcoating Tools

Check our full range of equipment and supplies for all your repair needs, big or small, and don't just take our word for it - check out each seller rating on our products and find your perfect products with us.

From fillers and sealcoats to ultra-professional 2-in-1 machines, we've the products for any size project or team. Your workers will be using top quality materials. Don't just take our account for it - check out our seller ratings and find out for yourself.

Maintaining your melter equipment couldn't be easier with our selection of parts. From spare HOTBOX wheels to drum faucets for our 30 gallon melter, our parts and gear sections are well stocked for your needs.